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FLUKE Networks we are the worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure. From installing the most advanced data centers to restoring telephone service after a disaster, our combination of legendary reliability and unmatched performance ensure jobs are done efficiently

Cabling Certification

Installation and Test

Fault Locators and Tone Generators

PunchDown Tools and Termination Tools

D814™ Series
Impact Tools

D814™ Series
Impact Punchdown Tools

Punchdown Tool Blades

Punchdown Tool

Pro-Tool™ Kits

Heavy Duty Wire Strippers

Crimping Pliers

Electrician's Snips

Modular Crimpers

Can Wrenches

Wire and Cable Strippers

Cable Splicing Knife

Probe Pic

Modular Adapter